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Small businesses contribute to local economies and create two-thirds of new jobs in the United States.  Small businesses are drivers of innovation and competitiveness.  Information technology enables those abilities. 

Approximately 20% of all U.S. small businesses fail within the first year.  By the end of the second year, 30% of all small businesses fail.  70% of all small businesses will have failed by the end of the first ten years.  In today’s global economy, small companies need every opportunity to compete.  Information technology (IT) offers that opportunity and provides the following benefits:

  • Improved Business Agility

  • Improved Staff Coordination and Collaboration

  • Improved Workplace Efficiency

  • Increased Revenue Streams

  • Better Customer Experience    

We understand that business is about people.  People shape the culture and services offerings of each organization.  Behind the scenes, technology enables aspirations.  Because businesses constantly evolve, our product offerings evolve at a pace consistent with the ever-changing needs of our client base. To this end, Contingency Consulting Group offers the following services:


Cloud Migration

Business today is no longer confined to the office. It’s conducted on laptops, tablets and smartphones in places that range from airport lounges to any destination.  The cloud delivers 24/7 permission-based access to company data and mission-critical software applications from literally anywhere in the world. Employees, customers, and vendors can access what they need, when they need so they are able to move at the speed of business without interruption.  When your organization migrates to a cloud environment, usage potential is scalable and virtually unlimited.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

The function of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is to manage IT departments and communicate with executive staff on IT and IS-related matters.  Until now, only large corporations had the financial wherewithal to employ this position.  As your IT services provider, the Contingency Consulting Group will function as your virtual CIO (vCIO).


Network Assessment & Design

Your IT network is the unseen hero of your business, tirelessly making sure your data reaches its intended destination.   Technology constantly changes and every network should change at the pace of business.  Therefore, assessments are needed to ensure your network performs in a manner consistent with your organization’s overall strategies.  The IT consultants at the Contingency Consulting Group will ensure your network is up to the task of handling demand spikes and ensure security for your sensitive data needs.


Data Backup & Recovery

A data backup plan is your best contingency plan for the unexpected. Don’t allow your data and customer base to become victims of natural disasters, human error, or hackers.  Allow the Contingency Consulting Group to customize a disaster recovery plan for your organization.


Business Operations & Strategy


Does your firm struggle with lack of a clear and defined vision, frequently missed deadlines, poor performance, or lack of training.  At Contingency Consulting Group, we understand and possess a thorough approach to closing the gap (strategy to execution). We have decades of experience effectively partnering with stakeholders at Fortune 500 companies driving organizational transformation and differentiation.  Regardless of the industry, our structured approach and expertise will empower your firm to achieve its goals.  In its simplest form, competitive advantage grows out of the firm’s ability to create value for its stakeholders (customers, employees, owners, etc.).  Allow us to help you win by partnering with your firm to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Organizational Development & Change


In a competitive market, firms must be prepared to rapidly respond to everchanging consumer needs.  If you desire to remain in business, change is inevitable.  At Contingency Consulting Group, we have expertise in a broad range of behavioral sciences and possess the knowledge and practical experiences to help your organizations build its capability to change.  Our disciplined approach will allow your firm to achieve greater effectiveness, increase financial performance, increase employee satisfaction, and ensure environmental sustainability.  Simply put, we enable your organization to meet its goals.

Leadership Development

In today’s business world, companies (big and small) are struggling as a result of failure to communicate, lack of alignment, lack of a clear vision, and poor execution.  Leadership is everyone’s business.  Allow the leaders and leadership professors at Contingency Consulting Group to coach your leaders on the concepts of positive influence and organizational effectiveness.  We will bring our practical and academic expertise to your leadership team to create a winning organizational culture. 


The digital divide refers to unequal access to digital technology and creates a division and economic inequality.  At Contingency Consulting Group, we work towards a true globally connected world.  Ciudad Cibernetica is our response to the digital divide.  We will open locations that include computers with high-speed internet access and training facilities.  This brand allows us to work directly with the community and provide a welcoming, safe, affordable location for our youth and business people to work, learn, play, and relax.  This will be our most visible brand and we look forward to improving lives and changing trajectories.

The Contingency Consulting Group is a small management consulting and information technology consulting firm with office in the United States and Dominican Republic.  We began our journey in 2017 with a clear vision; aspire to help businesses of all sizes accelerate the organizational growth curve and reach their enterprise dreams.  As a small business with large aspirations, we feel uniquely qualified to fulfill the mission.  

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